Peregrine from the Stories: A Novel

Twelve-year-old Peregrine Everhart is an American girl living in Oxford, England. Trying to piece together clues after her father’s disappearance, Peregrine sneaks into a pub called The Raven and Bairn and discovers a door to another world. She is soon befriended by an eccentric old woman, Beatrix, who says she has answers. Soon Peregrine steps into another world and is greeted by a giant, talking raven with a periwinkle-blue beak. He is one of many Windkind who inhabit this world, colossal birds who start Peregrine on her journey to find her father. She must travel through dangerous Cachemar to reach the forest and enlist the help of the diminutive people who protect the elements of nature. There, Peregrine will learn the truth about who she is and how everyone is depending on her for their survival.