Seeking Starlight

Constellations dispatch their messages to me in blazing luminescence,
cracking through lightyears like a zillion neurons firing,
only to fizzle out at my doorstep.

The stars in the city suck.

The dead-air desert also sucks,
but Joshua trees point their bushy-tipped fingers to the sky,
beckoning starlight down to their Mars-scape bed,
and I recline to let the light wave over me.
But goddamn, people suck!
car headlights scream at each other,
light-saber fighting for the choicest spot,
a galactic battle waged between pick-up trucks.

This poem is about me trying to find enlightenment.
I’m not sure how far I should go with this.

Because you know technology can really suck too,
even simple things like the Lunar Beginners Telescope.
I touch the focus knobs and spin tiny Saturn rings
but I only see my eyelashes blinking back at me.

Trying so hard just sucks sometimes.

I tap my finger on the slick silver pad
and stream that true-crime show I’ve been watching.
Maybe I’ll try again next week.